Monday 1 June 2020

Kit Box Serra


Kit Box Serra

Kit Box Serra is the product designed to lodge plants and flowers, but also to store tools and machineries. Thanks to its transparent tarpaulins, the sunbeams can easily cross the cover and then warm up the setting. On request, the standard top cover can be replaced with mimetic PVC.

Suggested for

Kit Box Serra is a suitable cover for those who need to protect their plants and flowers during the winter months, but is also suitable to store tools and more.

Technical sheet for the Kit Box Serra

Download the technical sheet for Kit Box Serra

Standard equipment

  • • Arched aluminium profiles 40 x 35 mm with joints, colour silver

  • • Galvanized and lacquered RAL 9006 steel crosses, cm 160 x 160, with screws and slides

  • • Top cover in transparent PVC film with internal reinforcement mesh Coverjolly

  • • 2 Coverjolly sliding curtains with iron hooks and elastic rope

  • • 2 Coverjolly gable ends without window in micro-perforated material

  • • 2 aluminium crossbeams for the sliding curtain with slides and angles

  • • Plank for the roof tensioning

  • • Metal ground-fixing brackets

The standard equipment includes 2 stretching devices to be used during the installation operations


  • • Solid rubber tires diam. mm 260

  • • Floor rail and steel wheels with angle

  • • Stretching device (only for base version)

  • • Small impeller kit

  • • Transparent PVC Cristal window

  • • Window in Soltis

  • • Light kit with solar panel two spots

Available sizes for the Kit Box Serra

Kit Box Serra (cm)
290 250 185
435 250 185

Misure Box Serra

Available colours for the kit box serra


User's manual download

The installation manual for this product is not yet available.

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