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23/05/17 03:15


Intenda Srl, with the help of some local companies, has donated a 12x6m PVC and aluminum tensile structure to the Municipality of Visso, in the province of Macerata. On May 12, Mr. Creston, owner of Intenda, along with some employees, went to the city which has been heavily hit by the earthquake in 2016. They delivered them a structure that will be used as a multifunctional and recreational center especially for young people, who haven’t any meeting place, after the earthquake.

Tables, chairs, umbrellas, slides and other toys were delivered free of charge to the Municipality of Visso along with the tensile structure.

We thank the following companies for this solidarity rush : F.lli Giovanardi, Inpress, Scapini Teloni, LegnagoFerr, Scolaro, Nardi and Bravo Sports.

A heartfelt thanks also to the artist Millo who has given us the possibility to print one of his beautiful drawings on the Intenda structure, to make the new recreational center more enjoyable and cheerful.

Image  Image

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R+T 2015 - Stuttgart

18/03/15 12:15

Image    Image    Image

The R+T 2015 edition ended with a great success for Intenda. In case someone could not visit us, we show you some images of our stand, staff and customers. Our warmest thanks to all those who visited us and drank with us our famous Intenda Spritz!

 See you at the next edition in 2018!

Intenda Sponsor alla Winter Marathon 2014

26/05/14 05:33

Winter Marathon 2014

Intenda al Motor Beurs Utrecht - Olanda

27/02/14 03:41


Intenda al Medinit 2013 - Casablanca

17/12/13 03:18

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Intenda S.r.l. at the Giovanardi GmbH Convention in Dresden (Germany)

08/03/13 11:09

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary in Germany, the company Giovanardi GmbH organized a convention in its warehouse in Dresden. 85 German companies have participated at this event that joined moments of theoretical presentation of products, materials and processes to moments of practical application of the learned concepts.

Intends S.r.l. had the great opportunity to participate to this convention and to present its products to a wide audience of German companies. Here are some photos of the event. More photos can be viewed on our Facebook page





Earthquake emergency

15/06/12 05:25

Image Image

Gianfranco Creston


I am an entrepreneur from Verona. My company is 50 km far away from the epicenter of the Emilia-Romagna-earthquake and fortunately has no physical damages.

On the other hand Intenda has had economical and emotional damages, since many of our collaborators and customers come from the region struck by the earthquake.

After having visited them, I thought: “Why don’t give them the possibility to live in more comfortable and resistant structures?” So, helped by some partners and suppliers like F.lli Giovanardi, Sepal and Nece, on Friday, the 8th of June we donated the first structure to one of the city struck by the earthquake: 20m length, 6m width, 2,60m height, with escape hatches, doors and windows.

On Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th of June the second and third structure have been assembled  in two other cities, where a place to sleep and live was needed.

This is a little but concrete help because if it had happened to me, receiving support and solidarity would help me to stand up again.

Gianfranco Creston


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