Monday 30 March 2020

Box Tunnel Eco


Box Tunnel Eco

Box Tunnel Eco is the cheaper version of the standard Box Tunnel. The difference consists in the type of PVC, which is not flame-retardant and offers a smaller range of colours. It is the ideal solution for those who have little space and would like to employ it to its full potential. Once closed, in fact, the overall dimension is minimal.

Suggested for

Box Tunnel Eco is the most versatile cover in the product range. It can be adjusted to many uses, even though it is born to cover cars.

Its measures provide optimum cover for cars of any size, but also enables you to use it as storage for equipment and machinery or as a connecting tunnel.

Choose your Box Tunnel Eco

Box Tunnel Eco is available in 2 versions:

  • - base: the cheaper model, after installation the structure cannot be packed up quickly

  • - mobile: equipped with wheels to let the structure scroll on the ground and tension bars to lock quickly the structure in its open position

Technical sheet for the Box Tunnel Eco

Download the technical sheet for Box Tunnel Eco

Standard equipment

  • • Arched aluminium profiles 40 x 35 mm, colour silver

  • • Galvanized and lacquered RAL 9006 steel crosses, cm 120 x 120, with screws and slides

  • • PVC Fabriplan top cover, 630 g/m², standard width 103 cm

  • • PVC wall without window in micro-perforated material

  • • PVC sliding curtain with straps

  • • Aluminium crossbeam for the sliding curtain with slides and angles

  • • PVC gable end without window of micro-perforated material


  • • Galvanized steel ground-fixing brackets


  • • 2 Metal ground-fixing brackets and 2 hooks

  • • Lacquered RAL 9006 steel tension bars with screws

  • • Nylon wheels with screws, diameter mm 100

  • • Stretching devices (only for tunnels with a modules width lower than 103 cm)


  • • Solid rubber tire diam. mm 260

  • • Steel wheel with angle and floor rail

  • • Stretching device (only for base version)

  • • Small impeller kit

  • • Transparent PVC Cristal window

  • • Additional window in micro-perforated material

  • • Sliding curtain kit

  • • Light kit with solar panel two spots

Available sizes for the Box Tunnel Eco

Box Tunnel Eco (cm)
412 / 515 / 618 / 721 / 824 250 185 215
280 185 215
195 230

Box Tunnel Eco Sizes

Available Colours for the Box Tunnel Eco







User's manual download

The following instructions for INSTALLATION, USE AND MAINTENANCE of the box, are part of the standard equipment for each box, and we strongly recommend to read them carefully to understand how to use the structure and its maintenance. It is important to respect the limits imposed by the operating manual and the rules for proper maintenance. This will enable you to act safely and maintain your Box Tunnel in a good way over time.

Download the manual in PDF format (630 KB)

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