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WAITY Tunnel
WAITY Tunnel



WAITY Tunnel



The world is going through a strong moment of crisis under the weight of the microscopic giant called Covid-19.

Intenda, with many years of experience in the production of extensible mobile covers, has created some solutions in order to reduce the number of Coronavirus infections.

One of them is WAITY Tunnel.

In this period, due to Coronavirus, only a small number of people can enter supermarkets and shops. As a result, outside them people shall wait at a safe distance, creating more or less long lines. Moreover, weather conditions do not always allow a peaceful and relaxed wait. In this case rain and sun become elements of bother, for those who have to wait even several hours in line.

For this reason, having received many requests, Intenda has created WAITY TUNNEL, a functional and innovative tunnel which incorporates all of Intenda’s experience and adapts it to this particular market demand.

What is it:

WAITY Tunnel is a foldable tunnel, with PVC BLOCK OUT roof, open on both lateral sides, allowing an excellent ventilation inside it.

Tunnels can reach a length of 10 m, but they can be joined together to reach even longer lengths. The roof is realized using a special blackout PVC.

An internal black layer protects from sun’s rays and creates less problems due to heat.

The tunnel is extremely easy to handle. Thanks to its aluminium profiles, the opening and closing operations are easy. Moreover, it can be opened in a few seconds thanks to special handles positioned on the first profile and to the supplied wheels.

Then, its tension bars allow the tunnel to be tensioned easily and quickly.

When the tunnel is open, it must be anchored to the ground using special anchoring belts.

Waity tunnel will be delivered totally assembled, for this reason the installation times will be reduced to a minimum.

On request, Intenda will supply lateral tarpaulins made of transparent PVC, which can be installed in case of bad weather conditions.

WAITY Tunnel
WAITY Tunnel
WAITY Tunnel
WAITY Tunnel
WAITY Tunnel

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