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“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own.”

Andy Warhol

Safeguarding and protecting the environment is a matter that concerns the well-being and development of society. It has become a duty for everyone, companies and individuals, because the environment is our home. Protecting the environment means making a concrete and constant commitment to improve the living conditions of every citizen.

For some time now, we at Intenda S.r.l. have been wondering what we could do, in our small way, to try to eliminate waste and thus also the pollution of the environment, contributing to Eco-sustainability. The main goal of eco-sustainability is to minimize the environmental impact of any type of human action on Earth, so that future generations receive an amount of resources equal to the current one.


Some of the cornerstones of eco-sustainability are recycling and reuse, which make it possible to reuse waste materials and transform them into new objects, without causing waste. For some years now, we have been reusing our fabric and PVC remnants to make design or fashion objects. Our bags, for example, are the symbol of our passion for Responsibility & Sustainability, which has led us to ethical and aesthetic choices of existing and recycled materials and fabrics.

In addition to the recycling of materials that would otherwise be thrown in unsorted waste, we are testing new eco-sustainable materials on our products, composed of recycled fibers and made through production processes with low environmental impact. This is how our project “Intenda Save the Materials” was born: unique, unrepeatable and eco-sustainable bags, as well as research into eco-sustainable materials with low environmental impact.