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MotoBox is a special cover for two-wheels vehicles (motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, etc...). Both versions ( tunnel and chiocciola version) can be packed up in order to minimize the obstruction when the box is not in use.

For this reason it is ideal for those who have limited space and would like to exploit it to the fullest.

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Motobox is designed to cover and protect motorcycles, quads and small vehicles in general.

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Intenda's range of products include two versions of the MotoBox:

  • - chiocciola: consist in two arched aluminium snails that support the fabric cover in PVC Fabritarp 580 gr/sqm. In the right and left sides, the 2 central slides are made of flame-retardant Tentmesh, a new mesh fabric wich grant more aeration and a condensed steam reduction.

  • - tunnel: consists in a tunnel made of arched aluminium profiles. The top cover is in PVC Fabritarp 580 gr/sqm, while the right and left sides are made of flame-retardant Tentmesh. This model is equipped with a roll-up door with zip closure on the front. On request, nylon wheels and ratchets are available; in this way, it will be possible to pack the MotoBox on itself.

Techincal Sheet for the Motobox

Download the techincal sheet for the Motobox

Standard equipment


  • • Arched aluminium profiles mm 45 x 15, white lacquered RAL 9010

  • • PVC Fabritarp top cover, 580g/m², right and left sides in flame-retardant Tentmesh (only for the 2 central slices) ''

  • • Aluminium Junction Kit

  • • 2 metal ground-fixing bracket

  • • String-fastener handles in PVC


  • • Arched aluminium profiles mm 40 x 35, colour silver

  • • Galvanized and lacquered RAL 9006 steel crosses, cm 120x120, with screws and slides

  • • PVC Fabritarp top cover, 580g/m², right and left sides in flame-retardant Tentmesh ''

  • • PVC wall

  • • PVC roll-up curtain with zip closure and buckle

  • • Galvanized steel ground-fixing brackets


  • • Transformation kit: BASE to MOBILE

Available Sizes for the Motobox

Motobox a chiocciola (cm)
Modello A B C
Medio 280 130 140
Maxi 320 130 160
Extra 360 140 180

Motobox a chiocciola sizes

Motobox a tunnel (cm)
Modello A B C D E
Medio 270 120 155 185 90
Medio XL 270 150 160 205 120
Maxi 360 120 155 185 90
Maxi XL 360 150 160 205 120

Motobox a tunnel sizes

Available colours for the Motobox







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